Working with Estates Managers

Estates Managers

A relationship with a family estate needs to be a close and trusted one. We understand your challenges and objectives and we work with you to achieve them.

Your estate is your world. You know the people and properties inside-out and you know how they operate on a day-to-day basis. Our experience working for a large number of estates owned and managed by the National Trust has helped us understand the differing characters of not only the people that manage and live in them but also the buildings themselves.

Your property portfolio has a wide range of styles, sizes and functions. Each building has different demands and requires varying levels of time and investment. At West Wycombe Park we understood the conundrum of needing to prevent birds from entering the building via chimneys whilst maintaining the look of the property for future period filming. We worked alongside the owner to ensure a discrete solution was implemented.

We can liaise with your teams to offer technical advice on anything from new build specifications to compliance certificates and chimney sweeping.

The owners and tenants of your properties demand the best in quality and even with the hardest to please, you can expect a thorough, responsive service at every level. At the Wormsley and Waddesdon, we work alongside the estate and property managers to efficiently provide an ‘invisible’ service which works around the families living there to ensure they are never aware of our visits.

Large rural estates with multiple properties and a vast array of tenants need to provide landowners with a good return. Our services can help with maintenance programmes for chimney sweeping and fireplace and chimney assessment programmes for compliance and tenancy reports, whilst our stove installation service can help increase rental incomes.

“Our tenant relationships are very important to us at the National Trust and North Mill Stoves never let us down. They stick to the dates agreed and provide good customer service and workmanship.”

Kevin James, Site Manager

To respect the privacy of our customers and their tenants, we are only able to share information about these projects in person.

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