Remodel your existing Fireplace

Classic Remodel

of an existing Fireplace usually involves increasing the dimensions of the fireplace. 

We will –

    • Line the new chamber with heat-resistant specialist material
    • Plaster the new chamber and install an oak beam if so desired
    • Line the chimney with HETAS-approved chimney lining system
    • Fit either a free-standing log burner or an inset stove
    • Install a hearth in non-combustible material such as slate, resin, enamel
    • Explain “Lighting Process” & commission your log burning stove

Although many homes have fireplace, the features often reflect a different era of taste whereas customer aesthetic & design tastes have evolved over the years.

We routinely undertake remodel of existing fireplaces in two situations. Either when customers have inherited a wood burning stove on purchase of a home which is not to their aesthetic design taste and/or have simply outgrown an earlier fireplace setting including the stove. All this can be accomplished with a relatively simple straightforward remodel after 2-4 days of work to give a complete change to the feel and atmosphere of your room.During a classic remodel we often widen & raise the height of the fireplace from a simple open fire to give a well-proportioned opening for either a modern free-standing or an inset stove.

We also remodel to offer the option of connecting two room with a double-sided stove which will then heat the two connected rooms.