Remodel for Double-sided Log Burning Stove

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Remodel for Double-sided log burning stove

involves breaking through a increasing the dimensions of existing fireplace. 

We will:

    • Line the new chamber with heat-resistant specialist decorative or plain material
    • Plaster the new chamber and install an oak beam if so desired
    • Line the chimney with HETAS-approved lining system from —–
    • Fit either a free-standing log burner or an inset stove
    • Install a slate, resin or metal enamel panel as hearth
    • Explain “Lighting Process” & commission the stove

Over the years Ian Pearce realised that a stress-free installation for the customer required the installation team to have access to some key trade skills like carpentary, masonry, stone work, plastering, tiling, structural remodelling, plumbing, electrical and gas disconnection.

In addition all these skills need to operate in a seamless and smooth sequence in order to remove the need & thereby the stress for the customer to organise any of these services.

As a response to customer needs, North Mill Stoves has evolved into a one-stop wood burning stove solution provider. And today we have developed a network of key tradesmen with reliable and good work ethic that the installation team can call upon on an as-required basis.