Listed Buildings

During our 30 years experience, we have had the pleasure of working in some of the most beautiful and ancient properties. They require a certain respect and our senior engineers have spent many wonderful days working in grand Elizabethan manor houses, tiny ancient cruck houses and rustic barn conversions. It is a pleasure to be involved in the evolution of our precious heritage properties, each one receiving our very best attention.

It is important to remember that when owning a listed property you are in reality it’s custodian and as such are entirely responsible for it’s correct maintenance and improvement.

When considering installing a log burner which may mean modifying chimneys and fireplaces, it is critical that you notify your local authority Listed Buildings Department to ascertain whether you are required to make an application for approval. For simple chimney linings generally permission is not required as the fabric of the building is left untouched however twin wall flues or any internal build works will require approval.

Each Local Authority approaches stoves installations differently, so it’s important to take advice directly from your council. Also remember that the type of grading of the property has no bearing on whether permission is required. It is a misconception that Grade 2 listing only covers the outside of the building; this is not the case.

We have been working for the National Trust for a number of years now on some of the most stunning properties, both large and small, from Hughenden to Cliveden, West Wycombe, Ashridge and beyond, entrusted to ensure the safe operation of existing open fires, reconditioning of existing wood burners and the installation of new, modern systems in over 70 properties. This responsibility is taken with great pride.

After 30 years installing stoves and chimney systems, we have built a vast knowledge which comes into it’s own when faced with more complicated or challenging installations.

If you feel your home fits into this category call for advice on 01844 342400.

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