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Inviting us into your home is a big step and one we take very personally. It's a chance to get to know you and learn how we might work together. We can spend time finding out what's most important to you and how you envisage your new stove being used by, and becoming part of your family.

When our friendly survey team visit your home they will be looking at the following elements:

The Room: The size of the room is of course important but there are other factors we take into consideration as well. Size can be used by on-line calculators, but there is nothing quite like a gut-feel from a highly experienced advisor for a second opinion. The aspect of the room can also have an influence, we all now how a north or south facing room can feel quite different. The number of doors leading off it, for example can the heat travel through to other spaces or upstairs? We make notes on insulation quality of windows and doors and what the age of property is to determine how much heat might be lost or retained.

The Function: Have in mind how you intend to use the stove. Will it be your main heat source so you can cut back on other forms of heating or is it simply a sensible back up to central heating? Do you have a modern home and simply wish to create a visual centrepiece to your room?

Location: We will assess the condition of your chimney if you have one or we can discuss the route for a twin wall flue system if you don’t have a chimney. We will then check access to the house for our vehicles as well as considering how we will access the roof and chimney.

Styles: Like many appliances for the home, stoves come in numerous shapes, sizes, colours and outputs. We will talk through your aspirations to better understand the look you desire whilst helping you select the best function for your needs too.

Should you have in mind to remodel your fireplace we will go through options and your ideas for the overall design including finishes for the hearth, surrounds and mantle shelves.

Quotation: Following our visit we will send on our quotation normally within a week, although at peak times this can be longer. Our quote will be a 'shopping-list' for the cost of the installation along with some stove suggestions. We will also include details of our lead time and long the work might take to complete. If you would like to proceed we recommend visiting one of our showrooms to choose from our shortlist and to discuss the finer details of each option.

Instruction: Upon instruction we ask for a deposit of 50% to secure your fitting date and we then order your chosen stove. Lead times vary depending on the time of year but this can be between 3-6 weeks.

Installation: Depending on your project, installations can take 1-3 days. We will provide all the information required so that you can prepare your home for our visit. You are welcome to either stay home with us, or leave us to work in your absence knowing that you property is in good hands.

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