Internal Flues

If a property doesn't already feature a brick-built chimney, we are able to construct a twin wall flue which runs up through the property and comes out through the roof.

We enjoy nothing more than enabling homeowners to enjoy the pleasure and comfort of a wood burning stove, even without the need for a standard fireplace and chimney.

A twin wall flue, running up inside a home not only allows you to heat the room where the stove is located but also benefits by providing residual heat from the flue as it rises through upper floors such as bedrooms. If the layout of a house allows the flue to run up through a bedroom or perhaps within built-in wardrobes then heat can easily be distributed around the home.

A further benefit of the flue travelling up through a property, is that the visible impact of the flue externally can be reduced.

Twin wall flues are supported in such a way that they can be located almost anywhere within any type of property - be it an enormous barn or a small bungalow. The possibilities can enable you to completely alter the focal point of a space.

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