Flues in Extensions

Many of us are finding that traditional property layouts no longer provide workable space for modern family life. Open plan living has seen a huge boost with families deciding to extend their homes and open up rooms than move to larger properties. Extensions are often added to kitchens to provide fantastic family rooms incorporating a TV corner, or to provide additional reception rooms to separate family and quiet spaces.

A wood burning stove can tie together larger rooms providing both a visual feature whilst offering a flexible option for additional heating. It can create amazing focal points in rooms with perhaps tall ceilings, split areas or oak framed rooms.

One of the most frequent comments from customers following the installation of a wood burner in their conservatory is 'we never used to go in there - we've now moved in and hardly sit in the lounge other than when the family visit.'

Homes with glass rooms adjoining kitchens and other living spaces can benefit from having a stove in the coldest spot. One customer commented that once they had cooked dinner, they used to move to the lounge to eat on their laps. Since the stove had been fitted, the whole family sat at the kitchen table all evening and they hadn't turned the TV on since!

Whether you are a home-owner considering ways to make improvements to your home or an architect or designer looking for advice on the best locations for stoves in open plan areas, contact us to see how we can offer our experience to ensure you get the best results in your project.

Take a look at some examples of how a stove in an extension has transformed the way the space is used:

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