Faux Chimney Breast

Making the most of your living space is important for your family. Ensuring that the layout works well and that you feel comfortable is paramount.

To make a space feel right there are a number of aspects to consider. The central focal points are always a good place to start and more often than not, these are the couch and the TV! What if the focal point of your room was something more ethereal? Something that would make your family want to be together and enjoy each others company? A real fireplace can do this.

A real fireplace is often be missing from properties. It might be a new build where features weren't the main driver for the design. It might be that in an older property the original fireplace has been removed for more 'modern' options such as gas or electric or it may be that you are extending or remodelling your home and the function of a room is changing.

Whatever the reason behind the need for a fireplace, our designer can work with you to achieve the exacting finishes to suit your scheme. You may want to inject some character, in which case we can include brick features and stone surrounds, or you may prefer something more rustic with wooden beams and flagstone hearths. Perhaps a clean, contemporary feel to divide two spaces using a double sided stove?

Whatever your fireplace needs or dreams, find some inspiration below and then call us to discuss your ideas on 01844 342400.

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