Chimney Lining

Our HETAS approval allows us to line existing chimneys and provide certification equivalent to Building Control Approval in the same way that GasSafe and NICIEC certifications work.

We generally work with 316 stainless steel flexible liner which is suitable for use with wood. There is a misconception that higher grade liner such as 904 can be used with any mix of fuels and has a longer warranty. This is not the case and it is important to understand the technical uses for each type of liner. If you intend to use any other solid fuels do let us know during your survey. It is important for us to understand how you plan to use your stove and critically, what you plan to burn.

We only use high-quality components manufactured in the UK by Schiedel Rite-Vent called TechnoFlex Plus which comes with a 20 year warranty. It is important to be aware that chimney lining is considered a temporary solution and care must be taken with maintenance and fuels burnt to ensure longevity of your liner.

Locally there are smoke control zones in High Wycombe, Aylesbury, Didcot and Oxford. Please ask us for specific details or contact your local council if you are unsure. If your property is within a zone, we will specify a DEFRA approved stove. We can help you through this selection with ease.

There are instances where houses built after 1966 have chimneys lined with clay sections. These can often be misaligned creating obstructions to the liner and in one case we came across a generous 7" liners reduced up to 6" liners at the top of a stack! We take all these scenarios in our stride and we have learnt how to overcome even the most challenging of bends and kinks. In the worst case we have specialist equipment which can remove clay liners to open up space for a flexible liners.

Call us to arrange your free home survey and see how we can approach your installation on 01844 342400.

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