A Stove with Twin Wall Flue System

Twin Wall Flue System

involves installing a pre-fabricated, factory made, HETAS-approved integrally insulated chimney system.

We will –

  • Identify the alternatives for sighting either an internal or external TWF
  • Construct a chimney breast if required by customer
  • Install an External TWF through 450 penetration in external wall
  • Install an Internal TWF through floor and roof penetration above
  • Fit either a free-standing log burner or an inset stove
  • Install a hearth in non-combustible material such as slate, resin, enamel
  • Explain “Lighting Process” & commission your log burning stove

The last few years have seen a move towards a more open-plan living with garden rooms, orangeries, living/dining rooms with large slide-away doors to the garden and barn conversions. An alternative heating source in such larger living spaces can be a distinct advantage especially when the mercury starts to dip.

The evolution in customers’ design tastes and requirement for warmth has opened up a whole new world of heating solutions requiring installation without a traditional masonry chimney. The North Mill Stoves team specialises in such installations with both internal and external Twin Wall Flue systems. These factory-made flue systems give a perfectly safe and simple solution for modern living and can often delay the need to switch on the entire central heating system.