Haddenham - Renovating a family home

When a local family relocated from Bishopstone to The Old Vicarage in Haddenham in 2010 they knew that it would be a labour of love. Starting in the family snug, the fireplace was opened up to form a simple yet timeless solution with a Clearview Vision 500.

In early 2011 works started to create a cosy kitchen with a gentle renovation of the fireplace to create a clean and neutral theme to warm the family dining table. The Rais Q-Tee was chosen for it's simple lines and beautiful engineering.

By early 2012 with the family comfortably living in another part of the house attention turned to the formal reception rooms. The main sitting room retained it's original open fire perfect for welcoming dinner guests while the Library was designed around a sympathetically refurbished and renovated original fireplace. North Mill Stoves installed an alternative to a stove called an 'open appliance'. This has a similar function to a stove with the same improve efficiency and safety but with the option to convert it to an open fire at will. The Nordpeis Heritage canopied fire was a wonderful solution providing greater heat output when required whilst enabling the family to enjoy an open fire as they wished.

By 2013 the final room in the main house was the very chilly Victorian style conservatory. Single glazed front and roof meant this large room was not cosy when welcoming dinner guests but with space at a reasonable premium the Harrie Leenders Cylon was the perfect choice. Neatly sitting in the corner whilst delivering an impressive 12kW of heat the Dutch made wood burning stove is a wonderful addition.

With the main house complete but with the family getting older, attention turned to the adjacent barn in 2016. An incredible open plan space with galleried staircase and footway we were asked to make suggestions for an impressive stove solution to form a focal point to the main area. At an imposing 8 meters high, the open roof space and exposed flue needed to be as impressive as the stove itself.

After exploring a number of options the family decided they loved the performance of the Harrie Leenders Cylon tried and tested in the conservatory that they decided to have a second in the barn.

A great project to work on, this family have become one of our most treasured customers and it has been an absolute pleasure watching their beautiful home be revealed.

"It's all so smooth. The process would just happen without me having to get too involved. We trust them and you can't put a price on that."

Mrs Turner, Haddenham

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