Kingsey - Double Sided Inset Stove

This clever home owner was aware that as part of the original location of the kitchen, a secret boiler chimney was buried between the wall of the entrance hall and playroom of her extended home. Following further investigation and planning we designed and installed a beautiful Rais 2:1 stove to provide an impressive welcome to visitors in the hallway as well as a warming feature to the playroom.

With doors off to the kitchen, stairs and main lounge, the stove created a wonderful heart to this busy family home.

Directly above and below the stove on the hall side are convection grilles. These enable cool air to circulate from underneath the stove and draw around it collecting heat. The heat can then leave the upper grille allowing air to constantly move around the stove to prevent overheating but to also allow heat to convect around the space - perfect where stairs are located so heat can travel further into the home.

In only 3 days the house had been transformed with only minor disruption to family life - and the children thoroughly enjoyed watching all the tools being used!

"North Mill Stoves provided us with a very professional service. The installation and the building work we had to have went very smoothly and everything was left clean and tidy. We are very impressed with the excellent service."

Mrs Enticott, Kingsey

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