Cholsey - A labour of love

Purchasing the cottage in 2011 the new owners of Duxford Cottage were embarking on a long term labour of love. Having undergone a renovation in the 1970s using synthetic materials and having stood empty for a number of years, the property required a total overhaul.

The timber framed original end of the cottage, now with a tiled roof, would have originally been thatched. A small Victorian extension housing a kitchen, dining room and WC was in relatively good condition. With a lick of paint the kitchen was habitable ready for the family to start on the larger part of the renovation.

North Mill Stoves were enlisted to help as part of a very modern heating scheme, cleverly hidden behind original and updated features. Three wood burning stoves were installed across the property to heat the rooms whilst renovations took place - not least opening the sides of the property back to the timber frame and removing the concrete floor.

A Clearview Vision 500 was set beautifully in the brick fireplace of the split level living room. A Charnwood Island 1 with double doors was chosen for the wide but low level inglenook in the dining room and a sweet little Charnwood Country 4 was selected for the Victorian style kitchen.

The home owners were determined that Duxford Cottage was bought to the glory it deserves. With bright warm natural paint colours and carefully chosen fixtures and finishes, the cottage is ready to face the next 100 years looking fabulous!

"I am very happy with the service given by North Mill Stoves, they could not do enough to help and that was very refreshing. They were quick and efficient and I would definitely recommend them."

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