Reinstating an Inglenook Fireplace

DateMarch 2019
Location Buckinghamshire

The new family who had become the custodians of this 16th century listed ‘chocolate-box’ cottage decided to reinstate some of it’s original features.

Our Solutions

We removed the modern stone fireplace which prevented proper sweeping access and posed a risk to the thatched roof from chimney fire. We cleaned behind the stonework and laid matching hearth tiles once the fireplace was removed.

The chimney stack was raised to meet Building Regulations with new brick courses and a taller chimney pot.

A new insulated flue system was installed to minimise heat build up in the thatch. This was connected to the elegant Charnwood Island 1 multi fuel stove with double doors.

The homeowners were delighted with the results after only 3 days of work; a safe and pleasurable way of heating their home.