Based in Newport on the Isle of Wight, the Charnwood brand is one of a number under the AJ Wells company alongside Anki chimney systems, Bodj fairtrade fireside accessories and Vlaze vitreous enamel. With over 150 employees they are a significant employer on the island and have been building stoves since their formation in 1972.

Charnwood proudly manufacture their stoves from completely British sources with the exception of stove glass which is bought in from Schott-Robax, Germany. Choosing quality above cost ensures that you will be proud to own a Charnwood stove for many years.

To give strength to their brand, Charnwood only supply to the public through a carefully selected dealer network like ourselves. Through dealers, Charnwood offer an incredible 10 year warranty on their stoves.

Each range comes in 8 colours: Black, Gunmetal Grey, Green, Blue, Bronze, Brown, Almond and Pewter.

Feeling Creative?

Why not take a look at the Charnwood 'Live Fire' to give you an idea of how a stove might look in your home?