Self Build

A self-built home can truly be a 'man's-castle'. Every detail will be exactly to your specification meaning that compromises only need to be taken at your discretion. Fixtures and fittings can often be changed after 5 to 10 years such as carpets and lighting however a wood burning stove should be in a home anywhere from 25 yeas upwards.

Identifying your needs and choosing the perfect stove is just the beginning of this element. Equally careful planning and design should be paid to the flue and chimney design to guarantee that you get the very best from your appliance for life.

We often see stunning stoves in amazing homes however their efficiency and ease of use can be marred with difficulty when flues and chimneys are poorly designed. Building Regulations are there to ensure that your safety is put first however there is nothing as good as old-fashioned experience to know instinctively what will and won't work; what looks good - and what looks even better.

Our 30 years installing twin wall flues enables us to offer advice on flue routes and heights as well as manufacturer options and colour finishes to ensure your chimney is either stunningly subtle or impressive depending on your design choices.

Call now to see how we can guide you through your choices to deliver an exceptional solution.

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